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Blog One: The First Chapter of My Copywriting Tale

Day One, Not One Day.

Inspired by the “one day or day one” quote, here I am not procrastinating any longer and FINALLY working on something that I’ve been putting off for a looooong time: my own personal blog. 

Sure, as a copywriter, writing for clients is a breeze! The thrill of taking on someone else’s persona is creative fuel enough for this girl. But for some reason, when it comes to writing my own stuff, I find myself struggling to find the right words and motivation.

Maybe you can relate? 

So I’m taking a step back and treating myself as I would treat someone who needs copywriting advice… 

And the way to start is to first decide who you are writing TO and who you are writing FROM. 

Let’s start with the from. 

For this blog? The from is me. It’s from me: Rachel Johnson, health & wellness copywriter, oncology nurse, wife, mama, introvert, Michigander, and cat lover. 

Let’s take it a step further, and define the tone that I want to be writing with. 

My tone is: warm, friendly, and casual, with a sprinkle of fun (let’s not get TOO wild now 😂) 

My tone is not: bold, edgy, or formal.

Now, let’s define who I am writing TO. I am writing to you: fellow marketing professional or business owner who is looking for some copy help. 

That’s not exactly one targeted audience, so I need to do my best to provide benefit to both of you. 

The purpose of this particular blog post is to give an introduction. Since you are either checking me out because you want some advice or you possibly want me to write your copy, I need to establish some trust and provide you with some value. 

Here, in this blog, I’ll be talking about copy tips and advice that I’ve learned along the way… 

Like many copywriters, this is not my first career. I actually started off as a registered nurse, and I still work part-time in my nursing role. My specialty is oncology, and I’ve always enjoyed caring for others and helping them along their cancer journey. 

But somewhere along the way, I realized that I needed more out of my career. Sure, I felt fulfilled and respected and proud of the work I do, but it was lacking something…

And that, my friend, was creativity.

Despite working for 8 years as a nurse, I still do not consider myself a “sciencey” person. Language arts have always been more of my forte, and by divine design, I found my way to copywriting. 

I’m hoping that because I’m a nurse (yes, I’m pulling that card!), and because I’m friendly and transparent, we’ve established a little trust by now. And hopefully, you also find that valuable ♥️

Circling back to my opening line, this is day one, or as my title states, Blog One. The first day that I add “blogging” to my repertoire. Doing this will support me in my mission to grow as a copywriter and help others as much as I can. 

So wherever you’re at in your journey, I hope that these words inspire you to start with your day one, if you’ve been putting it off. And I hope that you can put your procrastination behind you and start doing the things. ALL THE THINGS ♥️

‘Til next time!



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