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About Me (and You)

My time as an oncology nurse has taught me the true value of serving others. As a copywriter, my philosophy is to treat my clients holistically, ensuring every need is met.


You are searching for someone who can:

  • Provide an in-depth evaluation of your current marketing practices

  • Create a customized plan for reaching and engaging your customers

  • Craft just the right copy or content to help you achieve your business goals

  • Create  a personalized after-plan for next steps and tracking results

Rachel Johnson, Copywriter, smiling & leaning on a desk

So Why Choose Me? 

I run a tight ship!

Multitasking and working with deadlines are my strong suit. My methodology includes a structured framework, understanding audiences, and cultivating just the right material that will best fit your unique business needs. 

I do my homework. 

Research, brand analysis, scoping out the competition, consulting my resources, etc. Thoroughness is my middle name! 


I have learned from the best, and I've got the strategies, resources, and tools to bring you the results you want! 

I genuinely care.

Thanks to my time as a nurse, I am hard-wired to help! I truly want the best for you, and I prioritize that in my business. I won't leave you stranded when the project is done- I will ensure you are set up for success in the next steps!

Rachel Johnson, Copywriter, smiling & sitting in an armchair
Rachel Johnson, BSN, RN, OCN

About Me (And You)

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